Not long ago I was getting my favourite coffee, from my fav coffee shop GLASS COFFEE and noticed this amazing babe of a new worker working there! My eyes lit up, I wanted to try and ask him for his number, but then realised he’s most likely straight, so even better I asked if he wanted to shoot with us! He was so excited and said yes…. so of course I had to call my homie/Bff/work colleague Ainsley to tell her about this face I just met, she agreed that he would be perfect for our next editorial, so between Ainsley and I shooting/styling/directing we came up with this series… turned out to be one of my favourite shoots to date, we didn’t really plan it, just raided the new online store’s stock (coming soon)… we met at my place and headed to one of our local spots… Forte just blew us away!!!! 

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Photography/production/Art direction/ styling : Troy Freyee (me)  @freyeephoto Ainsley Hutchence @sticks_asnd_stones_agency
Model: Forte – @for.the.rubberduck
Wardrobe: @collective_haus