I had to fly out to Sydney from Gold Coast for a shoot, so I though whilst I was down that way why not get in contact with my friend Coco to do a shoot, she lives in Byron, for you who don’t know it is only about 45 mins from Gold Coast but 3 hours from where I live,  soooo of course I had to get in contact with one of my favourite persons Jaimi Leef to see if she was keen to style….. 

Kellee (other babe, epic person, mind reader, assistant) and myself packed my car with the latest People vs gear and headed down, buuuuut it happened to be rainy (which threw my idea of sunny vibes) but tell you the truth I’m actually stoked it rained… because Coco has the coolest house around, thank GAWD! 


Model // Coco Allen @cocoallen & Kellee Alleman @kelleealleman
Stylist // Jaimi Leef @jaimileef 
Brand // The People Vs @thepeoplevs
Assistant // Kellee Aleman @kelleealeman