Here’s the story of two lovers… finding their way to a festival (Splendour in the grass) dressed in their boss gear from ‘Liberated Heart’.

When Ainsley called me to do this shoot for Liberated heart I was pretty dam excited, then she shown me the couple for the shoot, I then got even more excited… she then told me what time we had to start, I then got a little less excited haha… call time was 5am and its winter. Tell you the truth I shouldnt really complain because poor sasha was the one in the little dress whilst I was rugged up in my trench coat, scalf and beanie. 

This, hands down was the best shoot I’ve ever been apart of, the chemistry between Jamaal and Sasha was just insane… if only they let a third person into their relationship. 😉 

I find myself so lucky to be apart of Sticks & Stones Agency and to work closely with Ainsley – when we are together, the vibes are just insane, we just couldnt stop taking photos this day…. ideas just kept bouncing between all of us. 


Shoot for // @liberatedheart
Art direction & Stylist // @sticks_and_stones_agency
Models // @jamaalstevensons & @sashabalwin
Makeup and hair // @mirandaemblem