When all the forces come together we get to create awesome shit!!! This day was so fun! Lots of running around, and last minute pick ups!!! Its all part of the experience!!!!! It almost feels like we were high the whole time!!!!! Love being with this team! BRING ON SPLENDOUR!!!!! 


For – @tepeelove_ X @splendourinthegrass
Creative team – @mothers_of_cool@sticks_and_stones_agency@mirandaemblem @jaencollective
Models – @jamaalstevens @madispringer @jxlom@belleorton 
Wardrobe featured in shoot – @rollasjeans @trashbyronbay  @piratesdreaming @justcruisingandhangingaround @the_suffragettedenim @sticks_and_stones_mothership @grace_bijoux  @hoipolloibyronbay 
Thanks for having us @rockinghorse_studios