A day with these guys, are always my fave days… & better yet, we got to end the shoot at a festival. It was good vibes as soon as we all saw each others faces in the A.M. although this day I was trying to get over a gnarly chest infection, as soon as we all got started the vibes and the fun healed me almost instantly. I got to work with my fave humans of all time including my best buds PUCKER UP (new band, songs being released soon)

Love these shoots, always will, and so excited for our next one, whatever that may be.

A massive shoutout to BILLY BONES CLUB, for always trusting me and the way we work and adding his epic ideas to the mix also…

For the photography lovers: I shot this campaign on my canon 5Dmkii and lenses 50mm 1.4 & 85mm 1.2. Half of the day was over cast then the sun came out which always are my fave moments…. I edited these images on lightroom (for colour corrections) then on photoshop for skin touchups.

(SCROLL TO BOTTOM FOR EPIC VID by Sarah from gh creative)


For: @billybonesclub 
Models: @pvckerup aka @jamaalstevens @nicholasstevens_ @alanwoodman & @zoe_therobot @sophie_marsh 
Art Direction: @sticks_and_stones_agency 
MUA @mirandaemblem
Styling assist @collective_haus
Video: @gh.creative
Song in vid: @pvckerup