WOW 2022 you were an interesting one, so many ups and downs… but all in all looking back Im feeling beyond blessed, despite going through the hard things the world has dealt every one of us, when I look at it, I feel so lucky I get to do what I love as a job… A huge thank you to all the brands, models, fellow creatives, assistants and everyone who has been apart of this year (you know who you are) I FUCKING ADORE YOU ALL!!! I couldn’t do anything I do without you! 

Here I present in no particular order some of my fave shots of 2022… I shot sooo much so it is hard to narrow it down to my absolute faves, I have a feeling I missed some shots but here is what I put together for now. 

NOW, LESSSSGO 2023!!! I have the most exciting year planned, loosely ( if you know me I hate planning too far ahead haha) But im soooo excited to share with you all what I have coming up when Im allowed to share it <3