WHAT A YEAR!!!!!!! Probably my favourite year yet! Freyee took me to many places, including Bali, Sydney, Melbourne and my furtherest trip away the United States!!!! I literally am pinching myself because my passion has become my life!!! I get to work with some of the most amazing people and continue meeting epic humans!!! Also in saying this there were alot of downs as well, but as I get older I am learning to have a better response…. getting older actually rules. You start to learn to value and back yourself. This year I feel like I took 10 steps forward, I am so excited to see what 2019 brings.

I also want to take this opportunity to thank all the amazing people that have helped me grow.
Starting with my best friend Ainsley Hutchence (sticks & stones agency) – you always have my back and support my every move, wouldn’t know what to do without you, this year we went through so many amazing moments both bad and good…. you know a good friend when they’re there for the bad too – Love you!
Also Miranda Emblem – you have always pushed me to be the best me possible, you’re an absolute angel.
A massive shout out to my boys over at Jaen Collective – LOVE YOU
I have also LOVED working alongside my epic friend Sarah from gh Creative, so fun seeing you grow 🙂
Also Matt Taylor, thank you for all your amazing efforts with styling and good vibes… bless your cotton socks.
Plus of course all my amazing non work related friends & epic family who back me no matter what… Im so lucky to have the support I have, helps me to keep going.

Also this year I connected with so many amazing brands that have true amazing humans behind it all, its been so fun creating different vibes for different brands, here are a few that I would like to give a special shot out too… thank you for using me and working close with me to capture your unique brand aesthetic, I have really learned if you stay open minded you can really create whatever you want 🙂
Billy Bones Club (shot 3 campaigns for you this year, and LOVED every minute… Sam & Sam you both RULE)
Surfstitch (A massive shout out to these guys for taking me to places in Australia Ive never been too and of course the United States… Luke, Sharni and the whole crew from their, LOVE YA’s oh and also thanks for my first billboard & bus photo)
Dickies ( Also a massive shoutout to these legends, absolutely LOVE creating with you, Sim & Matt you guys are a dream!)
Toby Heart Ginger/Girl & The sun (Zoi, Hannah, Soph & the team I absolutely LOVE working with you and creating so many epic/fun campaigns, you guys have really become family to me)
Jagger & Stone (Girls you literally are some of the best humans in the world, loved doing your festival drop shoot – so proud of you pooches)
Devils Princess (I met the beautiful Sharon this year, I absolutely adore you, thanks for trusting me and my vision)
Burrows & Co (Treena, watching your brand grow has given me so much joy, so excited to see what 2019 brings)
Goldfever (Pam you’re actually one of the most kind beautiful selfless souls I know, I fell so proud to work alongside you and the amazing brand)
Nikke Horrigan (Chloe & Nikke you guys absolutely rule, cannot wait to create more with you)
Mr vintage – (Nathan your legit one of my fave peoples – love you man)
Also a Big shout out to Rob the rich, Lee denim, Quay Eyewear, Milly wolf vintage, Method of denim, Lenni the label, Thrills, Afends, Fallen broken street, Collective Haus, Just cruising & hanging around & Tepee Love – Absolutley loved collaborating and working with you all!

Of course we cannot forget about all the absolutely amazing/stunning models I’ve got to connect with – I LOVE YOU ALL… thanks for pulling through some big days with me – you are all such amazing hard workers… truly blessed.

I love New Years because it gives you a good excuse to reflect on what you have done for the year, I couldn’t think of a better way to do it then to write a post about it & here is a few of my faves from the year….

I appreciate you all and all we have been through.

BRING ON 2019!!!!!! Lets see what we get up to… 😉